What is therapeutic sports massage

Updated: Mar 6

Therapeutic sports massage are extremely beneficial and its focuses on minor problems or aches with soft tissue that come from athletics or just any physical activity.

It even helps other things like reduce blood pressure and relieve stress.

Getting these sports massages is super helpful for those exercise often or are in sports.

When exercising regularly after sometime, it creates positive impacts to your body that help build muscle and increase strength. But of course, there also comes soreness and other pains that is the result of your body starting to get accustomed to the regular exercising.

There are three phases to how your body accustoms:

  1. Tear down phase

  2. The tearing down phase consists of your body pushing itself to further limits than it has before in order to improve well-being, have greater strength, etc. The small tissue of your muscles tear when your body is being pushed over its limits, and the body tries to repair this by sending lactic acid to the torn tissues. The lactic acid is what causes the soreness and the stiffness. There are other factors too such as stress, being overworked, wrong movements, etc.

  3. Recovery phase

  4. The recovery phase is the rest/relaxation and the measures you take to rebuild your body stronger. After having soreness, you need to let your body recover in order to continue, usually it is about 1-2 days. This includes the massages.

  5. Buildup Phase

  6. The buildup phase is when your body adjusts to the exercises.

Having a sports massage can:

- reduce the chances of injury

- relieve soreness

- improve flexibility and range of motion

- increased blood flow/oxygen flow

- shorten recovery time

It is highly encouraged to get our therapeutic sports massage if you exercise often or is very active. It will improve athletic performance or just how you navigate through in your daily life!

We are excited to help you schedule your relaxing and rejuvenating massage appointment, any time of the day or night.

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