Why sports massage therapy is beneficial

So, what is sports massage therapy?

We're here to tell you that sports massage therapy is a type of massage therapy that employs deep tissue techniques. These techniques reduce pain/discomfort and muscular tension. Sports massage therapy are mostly for athletes and those who exercise, but it is not exclusive to them. It can help in other variety of ways that are not necessarily athletic. The deep tissue techniques can also help with:

- sprains or muscle strain injuries

- back pain

- headaches

- whiplash

- elbow pain

Our sports massage therapists will be able to use these deep tissue techniques that warm the muscles to increase blood circulation in that area and can alleviate muscle pain. Some of those deep tissue techniques include:

- longitudinal stripping

- friction techniques

- PNF stretching

- active movement and trigger point compression

Why is sports massage therapy beneficial?

The benefits of sports massage therapy are:

- reduction muscular pain or tension and discomfort

- increased range of motion

- decreased muscle stiffness and soreness

- reduced recovery time post-injury

- increased relaxation

- improves sleeping quality

With these benefits, it can improve your daily movement and improve enhance athletic performance. In addition, it will help relieve physical and mental stress. Sports massage therapy will allow you to feel better than before and keep you in a relaxed, content state!

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